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Florida Mortgage Rates

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Your Credit


If you are planning to purchase a new home, upgrade to a better home, or purchasing investment property, take some time to examine these factors.

Here are important factors to consider and review before shopping for a property and before starting the loan application.

bullet Calculate your total liquid assets.
bullet Document your income and determine what you are willing to provide.
bullet Examine your outstanding credit balances.
bullet Work with your Associate Mortgage Representative to find a loan that fits your needs.
bullet Before you shop for your home, get pre-qualified and then pre-approved

Once you have the above you will want know these terms and how they will affect you.


The interest rate or percentage rate which money is lent to you, for example 8% and the annual percentage rate (APR).


The points, a one-time fee added by the lender, example: 1 or 2 points.


The application fee sometimes charged by the lender and borrower typical expenses, e.g., credit report and home appraisal expenses, i.e.  $30.50 and $350 which usually paid by the borrower when they are ordered.


Closing costs, including transfer taxes, title insurance, escrow, inspection, notary, and so on.

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First Published: 2001