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Our Loan Products & Typical Requirements

This page provides links within our site to give you more information about home loans and mortgages currently offered by Associate Mortgage.

However, since we like to keep busy with out clients, we may not had enough time to list all the programs we do offer.

For example, at the time of this update we have not put information about loans available for people who have claimed bankruptcy though we have a number of programs available.



Mortgage Programs we offer...

No Doc Loans,

Interest Only,

100% Financing,

Adjustable Rate (ARM),

Fixed Rate,


Jumbo loans,

Super Jumbo,


Stated Income/Verified Assets,

Stated Income,

No Ratio loans

& a lot more

Types we offer...

Documents Required:

Salaried or hourly employment

Self-employed, commissioned or...

Helpful Information:

And for still more information...

So...If you don't find it...Contact US! We have lots of programs for homes, second homes, investment properties and more in Florida -serving every county and city or town in FL.

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