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Why ScoreWizard?

Associate Mortgage recommends ScoreWizard to make reaching your score goals easier for you to reach. Simply enter your username, password and report number and you will receive a detailed analysis of your credit score along with suggestions on how to improve it.

But that's not all! Using our What If Simulator, you can simulate changes to your credit file and predict the score that results from those changes.

After you have taken the actions recommended by the Wizard, forward the supporting documents and within as little as 72 hours your credit bureau files will be updated to reflect the new score.

The What If Simulator cost $4.50 per bureau or $13.50 for a TriMerged Report which is recommended.  Once you buy it you can use it for 30 days. 

The Score Wizard analyzes the credit and advises what you can do, if anything, to improve your score.  The cost is $3.50 per bureau.  Score Plus is to change the bureaus in 3 to 5 days and is $30.00 per item per bureau or you can submit your documentation directly to the Credit Bureau yourself at no cost.

To Order ScoreWizard you will first have to order your Credit Report through Associate mortgage (recommended if you use our services for obtaining a mortgage in the near or distant future) here...

If you'd like to utilize these services at your own leisure or convenience, Get Equifax Score Power Now!

Feel free to , call or chat with us. We want you to know and experience what we mean when we say 'A Strong Foundation Starts with Associate Mortgage'.

Contact us for a Free Consultation.

Go here to learn more about pulling your Mortgage Credit Report...

We have more credit information in these pages: An Overview of Your Credit, Credit, FICO Scores, Improving Your Scores, The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and FREE CREDIT REPORTS?.


Apply Now OnLine: Secure Mortgage Application for Purchase or Refinance of Real Estate in Florida and New York

Page Updated: 07/31/2007

First Published: 2005