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Privacy and Spam Policies

Protecting the privacy and security of your personal and financial information is as important to us as it is to you.

We safeguard sensitive information that you have entrusted to us. We will not disclose information about accounts or transactions to outside parties unless there is an appropriate legal or business justification. WE DO NOT PROVIDE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES FOR THE PURPOSE OF SOLICITATION.

We collect, retain, and use only as much information as we need for legitimate business purposes to administer our business or provide products, services, and other opportunities to you. Associate Mortgage uses information to protect and administer your records; to comply with certain laws and regulations; to help us design or improve our products and services; and to understand your financial needs so we can provide you with quality products and superior service.

You do not have to provide any personal information to use our web site. However, if you choose to withhold requested information, you will not be able to submit a complete application for mortgage financing with Associate Mortgage. In addition, we may not be able to provide you with some of the other services dependent upon the collection of such information, such as ordering a credit report.

For loan applications, information regarding your financial status such as employment, income, assets, and monthly expenses voluntarily comes directly from you either in person, by mail or through our web site. For credit and repayment history, we utilize a third party such as a credit bureau. The information collected is utilized to assist us in making a credit decision regarding your loan request.

We are particularly careful to assure that your financial information is accurate, current, and complete in accordance with commercial standards. We also have procedures to respond to your requests to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner. Standards and procedures are in place to help prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

We preserve the content of your e-mail, your e-mail address and our responses so that we can more efficiently handle any follow-up questions you may have. We also do this to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

There are many planning tools or Calculators to figure a lot of 'what if' situations... throughout our web site to help you make the financial decisions that are right for you in the privacy of your home. We encourage you to try all of your ‘What If" scenarios as often as you like. We do not capture the information you provide on these planning tools.

If at any time you have any time you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Your use of Associate Mortgage's  web site constitutes your agreement to the terms of our privacy policy. If we change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of what personal information we collect and protect your private information.

Service You Can TRUST!
You can feel confident that Associate Mortgage will protect the privacy of your information at every step of the loan process.  Contact us today or apply today -- we'll respond quickly and professionally to help you protect your best interests right through closing!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Associate Mortgage's policy on Privacy or Spam, please contact Support at

When you get a Florida mortgage through us, we want it to be a great experience!

Contact us directly at (561) 228-8563 or (888) 431-6387, ask us a question or two. Or, click on our Live Chat to message us now!

We look forward to hearing from you, Our Most Important Client!

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