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Associate Mortgage Provides
 Creditable PreApprovals!


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No Prepayment Penalty




We provide legitimate PreApprovals and  PreQualifications

There are NO surprises at closing because our clients are informed along the way, throughout the loan process.

The major benefit of working with a mortgage broker is to save you time and reduce stress. We have more than one source of funding and a variety of loan programs for a range of borrowers, unlike typical lenders.

We provide you the best rates and term based on your unique situation and needs.

The article New Survey Researches How Mortgages Closing Delays, Lost Deals by Blanche Evans** explains the negative effects of working with brokers and lenders who do not look out for your best interests,

Another resent article, Save The Gray-Haired Agents by David Reed** says deals are lost because:

  • The Buyer hasn't applied for a mortgage,

  • The Buyer hasn't selected a broker or lender, and

  • The Buyer is not sending in his documents to satisfy Approval Conditions

Don't get caught up in this whirl wind of stress. Get quotes and Good Faith Estimates, ask your questions and select a broker. Of course you ought to select me: I have provided you with a great web site, I provide real, no surprise quotes AND I only give you what I promise. No surprises, especially at closing!

Associate Mortgage looks out for your best interests!

According to the survey of 1,400 realtors in April of 2004, 12% of closings  were rescheduled past their original scheduled date and 3% to 4% never went to closing due to underwriting delays.

The realtors surveyed said the reasons for delays were:

  1. Underwriting delays - due to denial by lender (62%) caused by 'next-to-worthless preapproval letters' often without credit or employment verification

  2. Appraisal delays

  3. Homebuyer denied mortgage with initial lender

  4. HUD-1 not available 1 day prior to closing

Associate Mortgage provides PreApprovals which  include a credit check, income verification (if loan program requires), and automated underwriter certification.

When you get a Florida mortgage through us, we want it to be a great experience!

Contact us directly at (561) 228-8563, ask us a question or two. Or, click on our Live Chat to message us now!

We look forward to hearing from you,
our most important client!

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