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Why Associate Mortgage?

'A Solid Foundation' SM
Starts With
Associate Mortgage

No Games, No Double Talk. Just plain, honest, personalized service and products.

We work for You, Not the Lender

We are not limited to one lender or type of loan.

We have access to over 50,000 mortgage loan programs from the largest major national and local lenders. This enables us to provide you the loan that best meets your specific needs.

Our service is fast.

Complete applications can be closed within 72 hours! Conditional Approvals (we are Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac approved) are most often completed within One Hour.

You'll never have any surprises, just smooth closings!

We keep you informed & involved throughout the loan process.

Wholesale Rates

Thus, the savings are passed on to you.

We utilize Hi-Tech Capabilities to speed up your loan process.

Online Secure Mortgage Applications, OnLine Status Reports along with Up Loading of Documents, Virtual Signing of Documents and Authorization, Secure Log-In for Clients, Realtors and Builders, email, fax & cell phone notification of incoming messages, faxes & email, Portable office, complete documentation via fax, email or traditional methods.

Major National and Local Lender Access

We have the lenders you would recognize as well as those you've never heard of too!

Flexible Hours

Personalized hours to fit your schedule in the evening and weekend hours, appointments at your home and office.


Over 18 combined years experience in finance, lending, property appraisal, sales, real estate and business.


We value your privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.


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